About Weiser
About Weiser

A Legacy of Protection

While home security has evolved a lot since Weiser first started making door locks in 1904, our commitment to keeping families safe remains the same.

See what makes Weiser Canada's #1 lock brand

Security, technology and convenience.

About Weiser

Weiser is your recognized lock and security expert.

Halo Smart Door Lock

Leader in Innovation and Product Development

Weiser is in constant pursuit of solutions that express your lifestyle and enhance your security. We've introduced many innovative products to the marketplace in the past few decades, including SmartKey Security, Brilliance Anti-Tarnish finish and Wi-Fi-enabled smart locks and fingerprint technology.
High Quality Fashion

High-Quality Fashion Doorware

Choose confidently from our range of attractive, quality solutions knowing each product will deliver the protection and security you expect. With Weiser, there's no compromise between style and function. We keep our finger on the pulse of changing lifestyles and fashion trends.

We Offer a Variety of Products and Solutions

At Weiser, we know that one product line will not fit every consumers' needs. That's why we offer several different lines of products with varying features and price points. So whether you're looking for low price, unique style, wide selection or simple convenience, Weiser has the product to meet your needs and complement your lifestyle.

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