Electronic Lock Technology


Standalone Electronic Locks

Electronics locks are operated by an electronic keypad or touchscreen. Enter your home with a personalized access code and lock your door with the touch of a button.

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Connected Electronic Locks

Smart locks can wirelessly communicate with your smart phone, tablet or internet connected devices.

Access your lock from anywhere and never worry about if you have forgotten to lock your door again.

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Benefits of Electronic Locks

  • Keyless Entry
    Keyless Entry
    A key-free lifestyle means no more fumbling for keys, no more losing keys, no more lockouts. With custom user codes, homeowners can enter their home with a few simple pushes of a button.
  • Lifestyle Remote Access
    Remote Access
    Homeowners can lock and unlock doors from anywhere with an internet connected device, receive notification alerts of lock activity, and check the status of the lock while away from home.
  • Lifestyle Home Management
    Home Management
    Weiser smart locks speak to the security system or home automation controller, allowing homeowners to set-up scenes and trigger events.

Superior Digital Security

  • PKI Encryption
    Military Grade Encryption
    The most advanced encryption techniques available today to keep you safe.
  • Dual Authentication
    User Authentication
    Two-factor authentication requires two types of credentials before being able to access your account.
  • Z-Wave Plus
    Z-Wave Plus
    Superior wireless encryption. The SmartCode 10 lock with home connect featuring Z-Wave® Plus offers extended wireless range, over-the-air firmware updates, and superior wireless encryption.
  • Secure Screen Technology
    Patented SecureScreenTM Technology
    SecureScreenTM provides additional security by employing random digits prior to entering your personal code to prevent fingerprint and code detection on the touchscreen surface.
  • Auto Lock
    Auto Lock
    Auto lock will automatically lock your door lock if it's left in an unlocked state.
  • Master Code
    A mastercode restricts users from adding, changing or deleting existing codes.

Open your door to a smart home.

Smart Lock Basic

Welcome Home

Weiser makes coming home personal because it works with smart products that you already love.

Wireless Technologies

Weiser smart locks work with smart home products you already own and love.
Welcome convenience and a more connected lifestyle.

  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • Zigbee
  • Z-Wave

Voice Assistants

  • Alexa
    Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
    Google Assistant
  • Apple Homekit
    Apple Homekit

Standalone Electronic Locks vs. Smart Locks

Standalone Electronic Locks

Smart Locks

Easily replaces any deadbolt
Keyless entry
Halo Touch smart lock only
Remote locking / unlocking
Requires Internet Connection
Notifications on lock usage
Home automation integration
User codes
Electronic keys
SmartKey™ backup keyway
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