Discover the extensive array of stylish levers offered by Weiser. Whether you prefer classic charm or modern decor, Weiser provides a wide selection of styles to cater to your unique taste and design preferences.

Lever Functions

  • Keyed Entry
    Keyed Entry
    The Keyed Entry function is for exterior, locking doors. Keyed entry locks can be locked using a push button or turn button on the interior of the door or by using the key on the exterior.
  • Hall/Closet
    The Hall & Closet function is for interior, non-locking doors. This lever operates freely from both sides of the door. This function can be used on an exterior door when paired with a deadbolt.
  • Bed/Bath
    The Bed & Bath function is for an interior, locking door. Privacy locks can be locked using a push or turn button from the inside and can be unlocked from the outside by a privacy key.
  • Dummy
    The Pull Only function is for doors where only a pull is required and do not turn.
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