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August 24, 2023

2023 Interior Design Trends: Décor ideas to include in your renovation

Thinking about refreshing your home décor in the upcoming year? We’ve compiled a list of the hottest design trends to help guide and inspire your home renovation project.

Curves and Arches


Interior designers and stylists have spoken - curves and arches are in for 2023! These curvy smooth lines soften and bring warmth to a modern space and have been seen incorporated from furniture design to the structural foundations of the home. Combining the simplicity of clean lines and the elegance of rounded edges adds a whole new vibe to your space. This beautiful design feature is easily complemented with natural elements, like greenery, wood accents or natural fibers like a jute area rug.

Weiser recently launched the Prague collection which has incorporated this newest design trend. The knobs, levers and deadbolts feature familiar, modern lines with a softness of curved edges, making your door hardware a great place to start the transition to this hottest design trend.

Comfortable Spaces


Bring in the coziness for the new year, people don’t just want beautiful spaces, they want spaces they can truly relax and feel comfortable in. Soft, plush furniture and textures are taking center stage in the design world. Soothing colours and shades that tend to be comforting to the eye and can bring a space together in a calm, almost hygge way. There is also not much comfort of standing on bare hardwood or tiled floors, so adding in a soft and luxurious area rug to go barefoot on is what our coziest dream are made of.

It’s all about creating a space that you feel comfortable in, that feels like a refuge – whether through adding elements like greenery or natural materials like wood or stone – you can create a space that is calm, relaxing that you can call your own.

Going Monochrome


You might be wondering how to get that simple and chic look in your space, and it starts with monochromatic colouring. Set your eye on a single colour scheme for your furniture, flooring, window coverings, wall colour and more, and layer with a variety of the same tones and hues for each.

Going monochrome is much easier than you’d think, and it can be a lot of fun to shop for the many shades of your scheme to play with. It could be shades of your favourite colour which make it even more fun. It’s also far from boring when you can still add in pops of colour in a selective way throughout the room while keeping within your chosen colour palette.

Warm Metals


Who doesn’t love a little shine here and there? To get an instantly lifted look of luxury, adding warm metals like brushed gold, satin brass or champagne bronze can really do the trick. These metals are making a huge comeback after several years of being known as the gaudy hardware seen in old homes from the 80s’. The difference is that these revamped finishes are chic and understated, but still warm and bright. Brushed gold has distinctive brush strokes throughout its finish that gives off an element of glamour and elegance.

Satin brass has more of a matte finish and offers a perfect texture of shine and looks great against any surface colour. This finish looks stunning on our contemporary Halifax square-rose lever and our Downtown Grade 1 deadbolt. The satin brass finish brings an element of elegance and warmth to any space.

It is also important to invest in essential cleaning tools and solutions and having a designation spot in your home to keep all the essentials. The tools and solutions you choose can be a time and money saver, so make sure to research and invest in the products that get the job done properly.

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