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April 15, 2023

4 Unique Ways to Accessorize Your Home

We all know that you need accessories to complete an outfit, so adding accessories to your home is essential to completing your space. It provides your space with character and personality that makes it as unique as you.

Add some Jewelry

1. Add some Jewelry, aka Door Hardware

We like to think that your door hardware can act as jewelry for your home, it’s a small yet impactful update to any space. It provides that finishing touch on the design of your home. Weiser has so many style and finish options to go with any esthetic that your heart desires. If you like traditional, classic design, look no further than Weiser’s Katella Lever in a Satin Nickel or Venetian Bronze Finish. Its contemporary yet traditional design is so versatile and can complement any space. If you are looking for a more modern and streamlined look, check out the Singapore Lever in Matte Black. This sleek modern lever has a crisp, clean appearance that adds subtle sophistication to the look of your door and brings a modern feel to your home.

Perfect Lighting

2. Achieve that effortless look by choosing the perfect lighting

Lighting should be an integral part of any room design and using it thoughtfully can help perfectly define your space. Well-designed lighting means creating a layered look, by using multiple light sources and spreading them around the room. Layering your lighting ensures that your space is well lit, feels comfortable and helps to prevent those dreaded dark corners.

Use ambient lighting to set the tone for your room, you can incorporate ambient lighting through ceiling mount or recessed lighting, floor, or desk lamps, as well as wall sconces. Alternatively, you can use accent lighting to feature or highlight an area or object in a room. Use this type of lighting to add style and drama to your space.

Transform with Art

3. Transform the look of your home with Art

Art is such a personal expression, so choosing the perfect pieces for your home should reflect you and what you love! Let your personality shine by displaying those special pieces to dress up your room. Just like an outfit, you have to make sure that your art pieces are coordinating. You can choose to coordinate them by colour, theme or medium. Have your art create the vibe for your space, and don’t be afraid to experiment, just like any fun accessory, this one is an easy one to change around to fit your mood or vibe. Our only rule is to play around and have fun.

Dog Sitting on Sofa

4. Greenery is the new black

Green thumb or not, decorate your home with some vibrant, low-maintenance greenery and proudly call yourself a plant parent. Start small and do your research to find those easy no-hassle plants to get your feet wet. Analyze your space and determine what type or size of plant would match its design and esthetic? You can really bring your space together and liven it up by choosing the right houseplant. You can also add some personality by using fun pots and planters that will bring lots of style to your space.

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