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August 12, 2023

How to Plan a Home Reno Project?

Plan a Home Reno - Set A Budget

1. Set a Budget

Deciding your budget is a crucial first step to any renovation project. Setting that budget number will help to prevent overspending at the end of the project. Sort your ‘must haves’ into one category and ‘nice to haves’ in another, with estimated pricing for each. This way you have a simple guide to follow when it comes time to shop for new items. Use a simple spreadsheet to easily allocate how much to spend on materials, furniture, and extra décor additions. Once a budget is set, stick to it – you’ll thank yourself later.

Plan a Home Reno - Get Inspired

2. Get Inspired

Using a variety of sources, you can pull together your dream space with your own unique style. Get your inspiration from home décor magazines, which can be easily cut and pasted onto an inspirational mood board for the room. If paper isn’t your thing, using Pinterest to create a board specifically for your renovation can be very helpful in planning out the style, colouring, furniture, décor and the finishing touches. Gathering beautiful inspirational imagery from Pinterest and other home renovation websites, such as can introduce new ideas into your plan. Check out our Trends of 2023 post for some inspiration.

As you put the room together in your mind, ask yourself: What would the purpose of this space be? What style and mood am I aiming for?

Plan a Home Reno - Plan out the Room

3. Plan out the room

Factors such as shape and size of the room really matter, especially when purchasing new furniture. Having some ideas in mind of the furniture pieces you’d like can help you understand how much room you’re able to work with. Take measurements of the room and create a drawing on paper or through using an app or software on your computer or phone, to help you with the placement of the furniture. Make note of any windows or entryways when arranging the furniture. For example, if you’re working on an office room, it can be a real mood booster to have your desk facing a natural source of light, like a window or a doorway.

Plan a Home Reno - Pick your Color Scheme

4. Pick your color scheme

With so many paint options to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming to pick the perfect wall colour to match the furniture and other décor pieces, but thankfully you have your inspiration board! Taking into consideration the style and mood, you could go with a neutral colour, like an off-white, beige, grey or taupe shading, or a colourful, vibrant palette that pops when you walk in the room. The colour selection of the small detailed items like pillows, blankets, rugs, lighting fixtures and door hardware need to be well thought-out as you are buying paint and furniture.

Plan a Home Reno - Invest in quality furniture

5. Invest in quality furniture

For many people, picking furniture is the most exciting part of the home reno project! It’s always a fun time scrolling through online listings or visiting popular furniture stores in your community for the perfect, cozy armchair or a stunning kitchen table, but it’s also one of the bigger decisions in the reno process. It helps to read reviews and understand the functionality of each piece before purchasing, so take time in researching from other consumer experiences and getting the specifications or material information. Invest in quality classic pieces that will last the test of time.

6. Choose your finishing touches

As your project nears its end, don’t forget those finishing touches and the details that can really bring a space together. Your choice of home accents like lighting and door hardware are just as important as your paint colour and furniture. As you enter a room, the first thing you touch is your door handle, and those handles provide the first impressions of your space. Depending on your home’s esthetic , Weiser has several contemporary, traditional, or transitional styles of hardware to choose from. Choosing the little details of a room can be a lot of fun and are a perfect way to end your home reno project.

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