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Re-Key Kit Other Locks & Accessories

SKU Number: 820062-001


Function: Keyed Entry

Availability: Available Online/In-Store

The Weiser SmartKey Rekeying Kit is the perfect choice when needing to rekey your SmartKey lockset. Kit comes with 4 pre-cut replacement “everyday” keys and 2 pre-cut “temporary” keys. Use the “everday” keys to quickly rekey your SmarKey locks to a new key. Use the “temporary” keys to rekey a specific lock for temporary access for a housekeeper, guests, or contractor. The Rekey kit gives you the ability to customize your security and puts you in control of who has access to your home. The kit also has an upgraded SmartKey learn tool and full color tri-fold showing the easy 3 steps to rekey. Ideal for landlords when tenants move out, as you can easily rekey all the property’s Kwikset SmartKey locks in a matter of minutes. No more having to replace the lockset, just replace the key.

  • Comes with 4 everyday precut keys and 2 temporary precut keys.
  • Comes with upgraded re-key tool.
  • Re-keys a SmartKey cylinder in under 30 seconds.
  • Product FamilyWeiser Re-Key Kit
    Product TypeOther Locks & Accessories
    ADA ComplianceN/A
    AvailabilityAvailable Online/In-Store

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