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Smart Home

“I want to be more connected.”

Your world is busy. With work, errands, and the kids' after-school activities, there's never enough time to tackle your to-dos. Weiser's smart lock technology allows you to monitor your home from wherever you are.

Customizable User Codes
Control the Access to Your Home

Customizable User Codes

Now you can eliminate the need for handing out keys by using multiple, unique user codes. Just assign a temporary code to who ever needs one and delete it whenever you see fit.
  • neighbors
    Keep an eye on your home while you're away. Allow neighbors, service workers, or dogsitters to enter and exit freely.
  • service workers
    Service Workers
    Monitor access remotely for house cleaners, contractors, plumbers, and other home professionals.
  • dog walkers
    Furry friends will always be fed, walked and cared for when you're away.
Kids lose keys
Freedom from Keys

Kids constantly lose keys.

Say goodbye to losing keys or being locked out of your home. We've got you covered. Some of our smart locks feature backup keyways, so you always have a spare. Monitor who comes and goes through your smartphone.
  • Mobile Code
    Lock and unlock your home with a personalized code. Assign codes to others (contractors, neighbors) and limit access by specifying the days and times that codes may be used.
  • Weiser App Holding Phone
    Mobile App
    Open and secure your lock remotely. Manage multiple users, limit access to specific days and times, or create codes that expire - all from your phone.
  • Weiser App Holding Phone
    Simply use your fingerprint to lock and unlock your door. Halo Touch™ brings all the convenience and security right to your fingertips.

Get real-time alerts

Keep tabs on everyone entering and leaving your home using your smartphone. Monitor activity, check your lock history, and rest assured that your home is secure.

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The ultimate connected home

Ultimate Connected Home

Smart locks integrate with other devices

Connected devices have expanded to include heating systems, kettles, vacuum cleaners, and security cameras. Easily integrate your favorite devices with smart locks.
  • Lights
    Lights automatically turn on when you get home.
  • Thermostat
    Automatically turn on your heat or AC when you arrive.
  • Window Shades
    Window Shades
    Shades open automatically to let in the light and your view.

Featured smart locks

  • Weiser Halo Touch Matte Black
    Halo Touch™
    The Halo Touch™ fingerprint smart lock allows you to simply use your unique fingerprint to lock and unlock your door. Halo Touch has Wi-Fi built-in that connects directly to your home Wi-Fi network and smartphone for a secure smart home.
  • Weiser SmartCode
    Expand your security system solution to your door lock. SmartCode electronic deadbolts with Home Connect™ technology allows the lock to talk wirelessly home automation systems. Choose from touchscreens, keypads, and deadbolts.
  • Weiser Aura
    Aura is a convenient upgrade to your door hardware with simple smart lock programming functions accessible on your mobile phone, using Bluetooth technology.
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