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February 01, 2024

The Benefits of Going Keyless

Keyless entry means convenience and security. We review the many reasons to go keyless with an electronic or smart lock on your front, side, garage, or back door, and the options available to you to make that leap.


Enhanced Access Control

Electronic locks offer enhanced access control, offering improved management over who can enter your home compared to traditional keyed locks. The ability to easily customize, change, and remove access codes protects you from unauthorized individuals gaining access to your home without having to change the physical lock.

Weiser’s electronic locks feature our patented SmartKey Security technology, giving you that extra protection against common break-in techniques including picking, bumping, drilling, kicking, and sawing. SmartKey also allows you the ability to rekey your lock in seconds, rendering lost or unreturned keys useless. Our recommendation for a starter electronic lock would be our simple, yet convenient, Powerbolt3 keypad electronic lock. This lock allows you to customize up to 25 user codes, 5 one-time user codes and 1 programming code that lets you edit or delete user codes whenever you need to, perfect for any home.

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The convenience of no keys

If you’ve had your hands full at the front door, fumbling for your keys with no one coming for help, then this one is for you. The ability to go keyless is an unstoppable superpower that you can never take for granted, and electronic and smart locks give you that power. Unlocking your door with your unique fingerprint and locking your door with just a press of a button provides you and your family the freedom to come and go without a key. This makes it easier on the young ones who tend to lose or leave keys elsewhere and gives you peace of mind knowing your child has access no matter what.

We recommend the Halo Touch Fingerprint Smart Lock, which can store up to 100 fingerprints (50 users). All this and the ability to manage access and monitor who comes and goes through the Weiser App.

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Mobile App Control

Upgrading to a smart lock takes going keyless to another level and gives you an extra layer of flexibility and control. Owning a smart lock not only enhances the security of your home but also provides unprecedented convenience through the use of a dedicated Mobile App. The App allows you to track all lock activity and easily create, remove, and customize codes on your mobile device.

With the Aura Bluetooth Smart Lock, you have the power to manage your lock and access codes directly on your mobile phone within a range of 100 metres, thanks to its advanced Bluetooth technology. Aura gives you the convenience of keyless entry with up to 250 user codes with an optional master code for added security.


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Remote Access

Coming from a guest’s perspective, being able to gain access to their accommodation without a key is a huge bonus. This convenience extends to hosts, property managers and homeowners alike as it eliminates the need for keys being handed out and the inconvenience of having to meet the guest for check-in. It provides flexibility to guests arriving or departing in the early or late hours of the day. This is especially valuable for homeowners managing their properties, hosts overseeing vacation rentals, and property managers handling multiple accommodations.

The Halo Touchscreen Wi-Fi Smart Lock allows you to manage and monitor the lock and access codes through the Weiser mobile app from anywhere in the world. It connects directly to your existing home Wi-Fi network, making it a convenient and simple setup. Perfect for those who manage a vacation home or temporary lodgings.


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